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Clinical IV Nutrition

Safe, high quality, and affordable IV nutrition solutions for the Indian market


High quality and cost effective Rapid and ELISA based kits for HIV, HBV, HCV, etc. 

Molecular Diagnostics

DNA-based tests to detect difficult to culture bacteria and/or viruses. These tests have been practically unattainable in India, we want to change that

Downstream Solutions

Helping our clients optimise their process through industry standard solutions that justify their economics

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Plot M4, Medical Device Park, Sultanpur,
Patancheru (M), Sangareddy (Dist)
Hyderabad, Telangana, India - 502319

Marketing Manager

10-15 years of experience


diagnostics and transfusion products sales and marketing

R&D Manager

7-10 years of experience


bacterial fermentation and protein purification and exposure in formulation development and analytical development

Projects Manager

7-12 years of experience


installation, maintenance, and upkeep of all process equipment, T&D of projects team and correspondence with OEM suppliers 

HR Executive

2-5 years of experience


payroll, daily attendance, and other administrative duties

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