Prolisa Elisa Kits

Use of High Affinity & Specific Antibody

High Sensitivity

Calibrators Calibrated Against Internal Reference WHO


HIV 4th Gen

4th Gen Enzyme immuno - assay for qualitative determination of antibodies against HIV-1 &HIV-2 & p24 antigen.

Streptavidin Biotin technology for enhanced sensitivity & specificity

Simultaneous detection of HIV 1&2 & p24 antigen

Significant reduction in window period upto 2 weeks

Diagnostic Sensitivity : 100%

Diagnostic Specificity : >99.5%


HCV 3rd Gen

3rd Gen Enzyme immunoassay for the qualitative determination of antibodies against HCV

Microplate coated with Core, NS3, NS4, NS5 Ag of HCV

Detects all major genotypes of HCV

Use of recombinant proteins gives higher specificity without compromising on sensitivity

Diagnostic Sensitivity: 100%

Diagnostic Specificity: >99.5%


HBsAg 3rd Gen

3rd Gen Enzyme immunoassay for qualitative determination of hepatitis B surface antigen.

One step antigen sandwich assay

High analytical sensitivity of 0.4 PEU/ml

Detects all genotypes & phenotypes of HBV

Use of polyclonal Antibodies helps in recognition of vast number of epitopes

Diagnostic Sensitivity: 100%

Diagnostic Specificity: 100%

Prosera Blood Grouping Kit

Avidity: < 4 sec for Anti A and Anti B

Avidity: < 10 sec for Anti D

Titre: 1:256

Better visualization of clumpings

In Development

Molecular based diagnostics for Blood Banking: NAT

Proprietary technology for Cancer Diagnostics

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