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PA-100 Electrolyte Analyzer

PA-100 Electrolyte Analyzer

Promea's feature packed Electrolyte Analyzer to test Na+ , K+, Cl- and iCa with ISE technology. Lean, light, and robust, the new PA-100 is designed with efficiency, precision and affordability in mind.

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  • Reliable and User Friendly menu.

  • Precise and Accurate results.

  • Long life, maintenance free electrodes.

  • Inbuilt Cleaner (Optional).

  • Smart Reagent Kit reactive with electronic chip.

  • Extremely Low cost per test.

  • Flexible configuration functionality.


Technical Specifications:

Method - Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) based Multi-Biosensor technology

Sample Size - 120 µl

Analysis Time - 50 Seconds

Pack Sizes - 450ml, 800ml


Reagent Pack

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