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PA-200 Biochemistry Analyzer

PA-200 Biochemistry Analyzer

PA-200 is a Clinical Chemistry Analyser with a user-friendly an affordable semi auto analyzer. The interface is conveniently operated via a touch screen. Ease-of-use has been kept in mind with the inbuilt incubator.

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Rich and interactive UI:

  • Sensitive touch screen for providing smooth operation

  • Dynamic & Direct access test keys for commonly used test parameters

  • Intelligent test Edit screen that adapts to selected test method

  • Interactive messages to support user in testing

  • Lamp check feature that provides user about the available bulb hours for planned replacement

Cloud connectivity:

  • Wifi Connectivity with configuration like of a mobile device

  • Unlimited result storage on cloud

  • Cloud access to user to view test results, available bulb hours, Test reporting

  • Remote/Preventive monitoring of instrument health that helps in early turn around during service

  • Remote test parameter programming

Built-in redundancy:

  • Option to bypass Aspiration Switch and effectively perform all the operation

  • Ease of aspiration tube replacement

  • Aspiration indication lamp

  • Early warning of bulb failure based on the hours of usage


Technical Specifications:

Human Machine Interface - Touch Screen

Linear measurement range - 0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance Units (A)

Photometric accuracy - ± 3% from 0 A to 3.0 A

Optical measurement - Photodiode

Type of filter - Interference

Wavelength - 340, 405, 505, 546, 578 ,630 nm with two open slots

Bandwidth & Filter Selection - 10 nm ± 2nm bandwidth, filter selection automatic by stepper motor

Analysis Mode -


End Point method – with Standard, Factor, Multi–standard, Sample blank with Standard, Sample blank with Factor aiding both Monochromatic and Bi-chromatic reading

Fixed Time method – With Standard, Factor and Multi-standard

Kinetic method

Concentration Calculation - By Standard / Factor

Storage Capacity -

Test Memory: 150+

Patient Memory: 1000

QC Memory: 30 normal and 15 abnormal values

Sipping Volume - Programmable from 300 to 650 μl

Flow cell Volume - 18μl

Sipping Mode - Automatic by specially designed Peristaltic Pump

Temperature of flow cell block - User programmable 25 OC, 30 OC, 37 OC and RT

Light source - Long life Halogen bulb

Display - 7-inch Graphic Display Module

Printer - Built in thermal printer

Connectivity - RS 232, WIFI (Optional)

Enclosure - Metal

Size - Small, Desktop

Weight - Less than 8 Kgs

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