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PA-2000 Fully Auto Analyzer

PA-2000 Fully Auto Analyzer

PA-2000 is a feature packed and robut fully automatic biochemistry analyzer with a throughput of 200 tests per hour.

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Product Intro:

Promea's PA-2000 is a fully automated, random access and descrete clinical chemisty analyzer that enhances productivity and turnaround time. PA-2000 comes with a throughput of 200 photometric tests per hour. PA-2000 is fast and an accurate chemistry analyzer that has been designed for mid-size laboratories.


  • STAT sampling

  • Minimum sample volume: 2ul

  • Sample cups, hi cups, and statndard round test tubes

Reaction Cuvettes:

  • 60 cuvette positions

  • Individual cuvette replacement provision

  • Reaction cuvette volume: 500ul

  • Reaction volume: Max 300ul and Min 180ul

  • Intelligent identification system to skip faulty cuvette before test run

  • Digitally controlled reaction cuvette temperature at 37 C

Reagent Carousel:

  • Effective temperature control between 10-12C

  • Small and compact reagent tray which can be stored in refrigerator

Reagent Positions:

  • R1 & R2: 40 positions (combined)

Sample Probe:

  • Vertical and horizontal crash detection

Onboard Laundry:

  • 7 step cuvette washing with warm water


  • Variable speed stirrer


  • Windows

  • Compatible with XP, Windows 8, 10, and 11

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