ProBot CC 150

ProBot CC 150

PROBOT CC – 150 is a Biochemistry/Clinical Analyser with a user-friendly software and the human interface is via touch screen. It measures the optical densities of samples and calculates the sample concentration, which are used for biochemical investigation. It operates from near UV to visible range. PROBOT CC – 150 is CE certified and has undergone rigours testing before being delivered to customers.

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Rich and interactive UI:

  • Sensitive touch screen for providing smooth operation

  • Dynamic & Direct access test keys for commonly used test parameters

  • Intelligent test Edit screen that adapts to selected test method

  • Interactive messages to support user in testing

  • Lamp check feature that provides user about the available bulb hours for planned replacement

Cloud connectivity:

  • Wifi Connectivity with configuration like of a mobile device

  • Unlimited result storage on cloud

  • Cloud access to user to view test results, available bulb hours, Test reporting

  • Remote/Preventive monitoring of instrument health that helps in early turn around during service

  • Remote test parameter programming

Built-in redundancy:

  • Option to bypass Aspiration Switch and effectively perform all the operation

  • Ease of aspiration tube replacement

  • Aspiration indication lamp

  • Early warning of bulb failure based on the hours of usage


Technical Specifications:

Human Machine Interface - Touch Screen

Linear measurement range - 0.000 to 3.000 Absorbance Units (A)

Photometric accuracy - ± 3% from 0 A to 3.0 A

Optical measurement - Photodiode

Type of filter - Interference

Wavelength - 340, 405, 505, 546, 578 ,630 nm with two open slots

Bandwidth & Filter Selection - 10 nm ± 2nm bandwidth, filter selection automatic by stepper motor

Analysis Mode -


End Point method – with Standard, Factor, Multi–standard, Sample blank with Standard, Sample blank with Factor aiding both Monochromatic and Bi-chromatic reading

Fixed Time method – With Standard, Factor and Multi-standard

Kinetic method

Concentration Calculation - By Standard / Factor

Storage Capacity -

Test Memory: 150+

Patient Memory: 1000

QC Memory: 30 normal and 15 abnormal values

Sipping Volume - Programmable from 300 to 650 μl

Flow cell Volume - 18μl

Sipping Mode - Automatic by specially designed Peristaltic Pump

Temperature of flow cell block - User programmable 25 OC, 30 OC, 37 OC and RT

Light source - Long life Halogen bulb

Display - 5-inch Graphic Display Module

Printer - Built in thermal printer

Connectivity - RS 232, WIFI (Optional)

Enclosure - Metal

Size - Small, Desktop

Weight - Less than 8 Kgs

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