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Promea range of laboratory Instruments is best suited for use in small to medium sized laboratories. Our instruments have been specially designed for the ease-of-use and comfort of the end user.

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ProBot CC 150

PROBOT CC – 150 is a Biochemistry/Clinical Analyser with a user-friendly software and the human interface is via touch screen. It measures the optical densities of samples and calculates the sample concentration, which are used for biochemical investigation. It operates from near UV to visible range. PROBOT CC – 150 is CE certified and has undergone rigours testing before being delivered to customers.

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ProSense Lite

Promea's very own in house developed and manufactured feature packed Electrolyte Analyzer to test Na+ , K+, Cl- and iCa with ISE technology. Lean, light, and robust, the new ProSense Lite PA-100 is designed with efficiency, precision and affordability in mind.

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